Keynotes & Digging Deeper

Keynote Videos

Watch a 20-minute recording by a keynote speaker linked to the daily theme at a time that is convenient for you. Then interact with speakers directly in a live question-and-answer session during the scheduled time with options for facilitated small group interaction.

Digging Deeper

Choose from a combination of synchronous and asynchronous opportunities to engage with the keynote speaker and other participants around the daily keynote topic. Depending on the day, these include opportunities to connect theory to practice through further dialogue with each other and/or opportunities to create, share, and exchange digital responses inspired by themes and questions posed by the keynote.

Featured Experts

  • Julie Coiro, on inquiry learning and digital literacy

  • Tisha Lewis Ellison, on digital literacies in the family

  • Troy Hicks, on digital writing

  • Renee Hobbs, on digital and media literacy

  • Joyce Valenza, on online learning and librarianship

  • Kristin Ziemke, on digital learning and engagement strategies

  • and more


Special guest, friend of the Summer Institute, and media literacy guru Douglas Rushkoff, author of Team Human, will join us for an evening discussion.