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ABOUT THE PROGRAM. The Summer Institute in Digital Literacy is the nation’s premiere professional development program in digital literacy. The program is a week-long interdisciplinary gathering that includes K-12 educators and school leaders; higher education faculty and researchers; school, public and academic librarians; media literacy educators working in non-school contexts; and creative media professionals.

Date/Location. The 9th annual program will be held July 11 - 16, 2021 in a fully-online format as a result of restrictions on travel due to the coronavirus pandemic. Explore this website for additional details about the format and learning process of the online program.

Program Fees.The program fee of $400 includes the complete program experience and permanent access to all digital materials and resources. All participants receive a certificate indicating completion of the 42-hour intensive program. Continuing education credits from the State of Illinois are available. 

Graduate Student Fees. Those who choose to receive 3 graduate credits pay $800 and complete some additional work after the programs ends on July 16. These credits can apply to your work in completing the URI Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy or you may transfer them to another degree program.


Along with the Summer Institute Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs, these two fully-online courses

enable you to complete the 12-credit Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Literacy

in just one year.


FALL 2020

Fall 2021

A fully online class with Julie Coiro & Kara Clayton





A fully online class with Renee Hobbs