TIER 3 experts have completed the Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy or served as faculty members in previous programs between 2013 - 2019. 

This lively and diverse group of experts shares their progress and accomplishments and engage in productive social reflection. 

Yonty Friesem is coordinating the Tier 3 Experts this summer. 

Mark Davis

Mike Deasy

Kathleen Jackson

Lance Lewis

Diana McMasters

Paul Tomizawa

Diane Watt

William Yang



The Summer Institute has provided me with a place to learn, grow and be challenged day by day.  I have met a global community of like-minded educators who share best practices and who help me freshen my perspectives and skills.  It is a wonderful space to share and grow; to learn and have fun.  I can't imagine my summer without it!  


- Kathie Jackson

Great collaborators are more than just colleagues, these are my long-term friends going back to the very first year. We live in different countries and have different roles, yet we are inspired and supported by each other.

- Mark Davis

The Summer Institute is where I go to keep up to date on the latest developments in digital literacies, to reconnect with friends and educators from across the globe with similar interests and concerns, and to get inspired! There is no other professional development like this anywhere. The online format not only makes the Institute more accessible; it positively exemplifies what teaching and learning could become during and after a global pandemic.


--Diane Watt, Ph.D.

I'm coming back to Tier 3 to connect with the DigiURI community that has been a vital thought partner to developing curriculum, strategies for implementing digital literacy, and developing innovative ideas that support students in modern learning.  I'm looking forward to connecting with University professors, teachers, administrators, coordinators/staff developers and those in the non-profit sector to gain a full spectrum of perspectives to help me consider possibilities in creating programs and systems for the modern learner.  I hope to take these ideas/projects/systems back to my district and school to support students.

--William Yang

I'm hoping to explore with colleagues effective ways to engage students successfully in online and remote learning experiences.  I want to use media to enable students to engage with their communities to create reflective responses to current social topics  that are impacting their communities

- Mike Deasy