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Rediscover your passions and find new opportunities to make a difference through meaningful dialogues with others.  


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Questions for Conversation​

  • What does inquiry look like as part of a curriculum? 

  • How do we communicate the importance of inquiry to all educators? 

  • Are there core components of digital inquiry that cut across different ages of learners? 

  • What places and spaces in your community have the potential to inspire curiosity, conversations, and learning?

  • What role do administrators play in promoting and creating spaces that value digital inquiry? 


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Questions for Conversation

  • How do teachers teach about “controversial topics”? 

  • Who is left out of the standard classroom history textbook or school library?

  • How do we help students decipher fact from fiction or recognize bias in media?

  • How can schools support multilingual learners? 

  • How do you encourage students to take action? How can students create media to share their voices and take action?

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Questions for Conversation

  • How can educators employ digital inquiry practices to empower and engage students as they develop skills in decoding, language, and comprehension?

  • How can we ensure that students have opportunities for voice and choice as part of evidence-based reading instruction?

  • How can school librarians support equitable access to diverse, inclusive school library collections and the integration of technology for teaching and learning?

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Questions for Conversation​

  • What is media literacy and how is it different from information literacy and digital literacy?

  • How do you curate a collection of lesson plans for integrating media literacy into the curriculum?

  • How do you build awareness and consensus about media literacy education at the state level? 

  • How do you attract diverse leaders for media literacy advocacy goals?

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Questions for Conversation

  • What are the essential steps in any media creation project? What are some of the best practices?

  • What are some of the constraints placed on create-to-learn pedagogies in your work context? How might you overcome these?

  • What kind of resources help educators make the transition from instructors to collaborators in their classrooms?

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Questions for Conversation​

  • What qualities do you most admire in leaders?

  • What are some examples of positive changes you’ve seen in your world of work? 

  • What are some critical factors that lead to success?

  • If you received a $1 million grant at your institution, how would you recommend spending it?

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