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Our work is grounded in a passion for inquiry and collaboration. 
Read about the history of SIDL and what we have learned along the way. 


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Hello, meet Julie Coiro and Renee Hobbs. They created the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy eleven years ago with the goal of supporting the lifelong learning needs of K-12 teachers, college and university faculty, librarians, community leaders, and media professionals. They joined forces with more than 30 faculty colleagues from around the country and around the world to envision a weeklong hands-on, minds-on learning experience that relies on collaboration and the engaging creativity that's stimulated with the use of digital texts, tools, and technologies.


Over the years, they have experimented with design features to advance the digital literacy competencies and network opportunities of like-minded individuals while leveraging the power of inquiry in in-person, online, and hybrid learning spaces and learning across real-time and anytime contexts.

Now, in 2023, Julie and Renee look to the future with new models for how to best meet the changing needs of those who share our interests in the intersection of literacy, education, information, and communication.


Julie and a diverse, talented team of educators will lead a fully in-person week-long experience of the 11th Annual Summer Institute in Digital Literacy in Providence, Rhode Island. This year's focus will be designed especially for educators, librarians, and digital media professionals from around the world who work in K-12 schools or higher education contexts.


Coming soon, Renee will have more to share about her vision for an innovative and fully online learning experience that will take place in early 2024.



It is a hands-on, minds-on learning experience — not a conference! 

Keynote speaker: Douglas Rushkoff

The Summer Institute in Digital Literacy has been described as summer camp for grownups. It's an intensive and rich combination of play and learning for educators and information professionals. When the program launches, Julie Coiro and Renee Hobbs work with 58 participants and workshop leaders Rhys Daunic, Michelle Schira-Hagement, Hiller Spires, Yonty Friesem, and Mary Moen. 

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The Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy is launched

Keynote speaker: Joyce Valenza

When participants ask for more learning opportunities, we create the Tier 2 Leadership Program and two additional graduate level courses that explore inquiry, online reading, and digital authorship. We offer scholarships for 11 Rhode Island educators to participate in the program.

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We discover the magic of the Power of Two 

Keynote speaker: Howard Rheingold

We deepen our understanding of the intersections of digital and media literacy through ongoing collaboration. Program faculty include Kara Clayton, Charlie Coiro, Yonty Friesem, Mary Moen, Kristin Hokanson, Yonty Friesem, Diana McMasters, and David Quinn


Inquiry learning in the context of meaningful relationships accelerates professional growth 

Keynote speaker: Chris Lehmann

When participants work collaboratively using a personal digital inquiry process to create media to demonstrate their learning, they increase confidence and advance their identities as leaders in digital literacy education. 

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The Summer Institute in Digital Literacy is recognized in the National Educational Technology (NET) Plan, U.S. Department of Education 

Keynote speaker: Dan Gillmor

It's not all about the cool tools. Deepening our commitment to build an interdisciplinary knowledge community that includes K-12 teachers, college faculty, librarians, media professionals. and community activists, we grow to reach 130 educators with a faculty support team of more than 20 people!

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We explore storytelling for social justice & school reform 

Keynote speaker: Nuala and Len Cabral

Learn more about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Participants tell their own stories of success by developing the DigiURI blog, From PD to Practice, to document how they translate their learning into meaningful action. Renee  Hobbs and Julie Coiro publish a scholarly article to describe the design features of the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy. 


International participants deepen and extend learning 

Keynote speaker: Kristin Ziemke

Participants from more than 15 countries help us more fully understand digital and media literacy in cultural context. A team of participants from Brazil, supported by Palavra Aberta and Google, bring their joyful creative genius to the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy. Their create-to-learn projects become the basis of a comprehensive digital and media literacy national initiative!

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We build expertise in online professional learning

Keynote speaker: Tisha Lewis Ellison

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrives, we pivot to create an online learning community where everyone learns from everyone, despite the new uncertainties resulting from stay-at-home orders that affect work, life and family. Our online learning community offers emotional support and networking while modeling innovative pedagogical practices for online and blended learning contexts. 

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Online professional learning is extended all year long 

Keynote speaker: Amber Coleman-Mortley

Learning happens when people come together intentionally for the purpose of inquiry. The DigiURI community meets weekly all through the year, continuing to grow and learn from each other, with events on the virus of racism, media literacy in higher education, and many more topics. DigiURI Media Club enters its 3rd year with a lively monthly discussion series.

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We restore joyful and generous practice with #bringyourjoy 

Keynote speaker: Dwayne Reed

With creative educators lending their talents, and initiatives in media education and media literacy advancing in schools and communities across the United States and around the world, we celebrated our 10th anniversary with the first hybrid format of the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy. In addition to the talented team of in-person faculty who met all week with participants in downtown Chicago, we engaged with more than 60 online participants from around the world led by our incredible group of online faculty.  

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We empower learners to share their voices

Keynote speaker: Mirko Chardin

After three years, the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy returns to our fully in-person format in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. This year’s program will be designed especially for educators and school leaders, librarians, and digital media professionals who work in K-12 schools or higher education contexts. In addition to integrating practices for inquiry and creative production, participants will learn how to use the best practices of Universal Design for Learning alongside culturally responsive teaching techniques, to provide an environment where all students have equal opportunities to learn, share their voices, and work toward meaningful, authentic, and relevant goals.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

As part of our ongoing commitment, we seek to represent diverse voices and perspectives at the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy, particularly those from historically marginalized groups and communities, so that we can learn and celebrate multiple ways of knowing and participating in today's digital society. We also strive to amplify the voices of diverse educators who use digital literacy to educate, empower, and advocate for learners of all ages. Click below to see a timeline of our efforts towards those aims.

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