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You can participate in The University of Rhode Island's

Summer Institute in Digital Literacy in one of four ways:

If you haven’t been at the Summer Institute before, this is where you start.


This program includes a face-to-face learning experience, plus breakfast, lunch, and refreshments each day.  The program fee includes the complete program experience and permanent access to all digital materials and resources. All participants receive a certificate indicating completion of the 42-hour intensive program.

Regular Program: $990

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Attend the program in person and receive 3 graduate credits for $1,300 by completing 42 hours of instruction during the week of the institute. Complete 2 additional reading and writing activities after the program is over. This program includes refreshments and lunch each day. 

Grad Credit Option: $1,300

Graduate Certificate Option. After attending the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy, many people develop an appetite for learning more. That's why we offer the Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy, which is a 12-credit certificate program that can be taken over the course of 12 months. 


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If you have participated in the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy in any of the past 11 years, come back for the Tier 2 Leadership Program, in which you’ll explore how to lead transformation in your own context. You can participate in Providence for the same program fee as shown above.  

This intensive, in-person six-day course, taught by Charlie Coiro, uses project-based inquiry and encourages participants to use a variety of digital tools while creating a project management plan for integrating digital literacy in the workplace. 


Participants explore topics related to Kouzes and Posner’s Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. Learn how leadership competencies intersect with online reading, media literacy, critical thinking across the curriculum, and new forms of authorship, composition, collaboration, and sharing.

Tier 2 Program: $990



If you have completed Tier 2 or served as a Faculty Member or Workshop Presenter at the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy, join us this summer in Providence for fellowship, networking, and learning. Program fee includes breakfast, lunch and refreshments each day.

Tier 3 Program: $300

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