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Join us as we transform learning and teaching with

the power of professional development in digital literacy

This program offers rich learning experiences on a wide range of topics and issues related to digital literacy in the context of K-12 and higher education, librarianship, community, and democracy.  We explore topics including:


Literacy in a Digital Age

  • increasing relevance by connecting media, culture, and classroom

  • ​designing and implementing online learning in a post-pandemic world

  • integrating inquiry learning practices into instruction

  • strategies for scaffolding students' independent learning 

  • online reading comprehension strategies

  • digital writing and multimedia composition pedagogies


Responses to Cultural and Technological Change

  • balancing synchronous and asynchronous online learning

  • best practices in online learning in K-12 and higher education

  • strategies for promoting empathy, mindfulness, and relaxation 

  • the role of popular culture & digital media in the lives of children and teens

  • creative media production as a form of inquiry learning


Literacy, Education, and Democracy

  • addressing digital inequalities in education and society

  • analyzing contemporary propaganda and disinformation

  • civic agency and empowerment

  • curation and collaboration 

  • algorithmically personalized search, persuasion & entertainment 

  • unexpected implications of digital media on the democratic process.

The Summer Institute in Digital Literacy is fully-accredited. It was formally recognized in the 2017 National Education Technology Plan Update from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology. 

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