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Digital Authorship EDC 534 

Spring 2023

This course introduces major theories of digital authorship as a pedagogical approach to digital literacy and includes a range of hands-on dynamic learning experiences that integrate digital media, technologies, and best practice strategies for teaching composition and authorship in a Web 2.0 world.

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What You Need To Know 

Spring 2023

January 22 - April 29 

Location: This is a fully-online asynchronous graduate course with 4 optional Zoom meetings during the semester.  

Course cost. Approximately $2205 for 3 graduate credits from the University of Rhode Island. These credits are transferable to another institution or can be used to complete the Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy, which is a 12-credit certificate program that can be taken over the course of 12 months.


Syllabus. See a sample syllabus from a previous year.

Sample Student Work Products: See examples of student work products here. 

This graduate course uses create-to-learn pedagogies that introduce you to key themes and issues in digital and media literacy education


If you are not a URI student, you can take this class as a non-matriculated student by following these instructions.

If you are already a URI student, you can obtain a permission number here, by placing your name in the permission number you claim and using the usual enrollment procedures. 

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This course is required for the

Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy, a 12-credit graduate certificate

offered by the University of Rhode Island. 

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