The 9th Annual

Summer Institute in Digital Literacy

July 11 - 16, 2021


Registration opens March 1

As the premier program in digital literacy, we are transforming professional learning 

with the power of leadership

& community connection 


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You Can be a Leader in

Digital Literacy

What Makes This Program Special

In 2020, we adapted the Summer Institute from a face-to-face program to a fully online program as a result of the covid pandemic. At the end of the week, participants told us:

"It was a great model for what engaging online instruction can be like."

"I liked the broad spectrum of topics available."

"I loved how personal everything felt."

"I liked that the program itself modeled many of the practices that we were being encouraged to incorporate into our teaching practices."

"I was blown away by the comprehensive methods in a virtual setting."



"I liked the many options (workshops and conversations) that could be completed anytime or in real-time. This allows me to work through this material at my own pace and practice on my computer while learning."

"I appreciated the variety of ways to engage. I enjoyed flexible time for any time learning and found that to be more valuable than I expected."

"I felt encouraged to jump in and get creating. I appreciated the values of learning from everyone and acknowledging our humanity."

"Let me count the ways: meeting passionate, like-minded educators; learning new strategies and tools, but learning those tools within the context of a broader idea -- not just "here's a cool tool to use."

"I liked connecting with a group of passionate, thoughtful, and caring educators from around the country/world."

"You really have created an amazing community with this program." 

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend this program to colleagues?"