JULY 19 - 24, 2020


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A Hands On, Minds On Experience

This six-day institute is an intensive, 42-hour summer professional development program that focuses on how literacy is changing as a result of emerging media and technologies. We consider the implications of this cultural and technological shift for teaching and learning.


Join JULIE COIRO & RENEE HOBBS and their colleagues to explore innovative approaches now being used by K-12 educators, librarians, and college and university faculty. You will learn how to conduct project-based inquiry using a variety of digital texts, tools and technologies, which will help create challenging and engaging learning opportunities for you and your students.


The University of Rhode Island Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy has been recognized in America's 2016 National Educational Technology (NET) Plan.



JULY 19 - 24,  2020

This program includes a deep-dive learning experience that combines hands:-on and minds-on learning. We explore: 

  • practices of multimedia composition

  • integrating digital literacy learning activities into the curriculum 

  • learning digital literacy in the school library 

  • media literacy education

  • integrating technology into instruction

  • the effective design and implementation of online learning

  • the role of popular culture and digital media in children's lives 

  • strategies for analyzing contemporary propaganda and "fake news"

  • new forms of curation, collaboration and sharing 

  • the unexpected implications of digital culture on education

  • online reading comprehension strategies

Format. It's a hands-on, minds-on learning experience, where you discover the power of digital literacy through intensive collaboration with a partner


Tips & Tools: Get plenty of hands-on learning-by-doing, choosing from a range of workshops where you explore digital platforms to foster learning, critical thinking, creativity and engagement.


Amazing Texts: These sessions are designed to inform participants of digital resources (websites, videos, books, games or interactive media or online content) that have value for teaching and learning.

Promising Practices: These sessions are designed to share digital literacy lessons or ideas that you've tried out or that you think have the potential to engage and inspire learners in a particular context.

Research Roundtable: These sessions are designed to give you time to share your most recent work, network with others interested in research, and obtain feedback from participants and digital literacy scholars.


Leadership: These sessions help you lead teams to advance digital literacy through the creative use of digital media and technology.


Fees.  Program Fee: $800. Includes program materials, opening reception, lunch and daily refreshments. All participants receive a certificate indicating completion of the 42-hour intensive program. You can also earn 3 graduate credits by completing additional assignments for an additional $350 (or flat fee of $1150).  


Everyone Learns from Everyone


For those seeking graduate credit, Julie Coiro and Renee Hobbs offer THE SUMMER INSTITUTE IN DIGITAL LITERACY as part of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy, a 12-credit blended learning graduate program offered by the Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Education and Professional Studies.