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NEW FOR 2022!

Build meaningful relationships

with people who share your interests 

Choose one or more of the following Conversational Sparks during the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy. Meaningful dialogue with colleagues provides us a place to re-discover our passions and to see with fresh eyes that places of opportunity for us to make a difference. When you register for the 2022 Summer Institute in Digital Literacy, you'll get to choose from among the Conversational Sparks that matter most to you!

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Expanded Literacies

Across the Disciplines 

Business Team

Leadership Matters 

A Young Man in the Library

Re-Imagining Learning Spaces 

Image by abillion

Persuasion & Propaganda 

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Advancing Statewide

Media Literacy 


Create-to Learn


Studying on the Grass

The Practice of

Digital Inquiry

City Lights

City as Classroom


Teaching & Learning

with a Social Justice Lens


Digital Literacy in

Higher Education 


Supporting Educators 

Art Class

Media Literacy


Screenshot 2019-12-22 14.44.48.png
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