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Did you know that the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy inspired the growth of digital and media literacy education in Brazil? 



The past two years have been stressful for everyone and so we're giving you choices. For the first time, we're gathering in person in Chicago AND learning together online to make sense of what we've learned and imagine the possibilities ahead.


You choose how you want to learn with us!

Learn more about the global impact of the world's longest-running professional development program in digital literacy 

The Summer Institute in Digital Literacy is the world's longest-running professional development program in digital literacy. The program is a week-long interdisciplinary gathering that includes K-12 educators and school leaders; higher education faculty and researchers; school, public and academic librarians; media literacy educators working in non-school contexts; and journalists and creative media professionals.


During this intensive 42-hour program, you will get inspired by experts in literacy, learning, media and technology and have frequent opportunities to advance your digital literacy competencies through hands-on, minds-on learning experiences. Participate in meaningful conversations and develop collaborative relationships. Create a meaningful digital resource that you can implement or use in your own work context.


At the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy, everyone learns from everyone! All week long, you will: 

  • Share ideas for how to integrate digital inquiry and creative production into K-12 classrooms, libraries, and/or maker spaces through intentional planning, experiential learning, collaboration, and innovative assessments of student learning.

  • Design and reflect upon culturally responsive teaching practices that empower learners as you examine the intersection between digital and media literacy, social justice and democracy.  

  • Discuss how to restore critical attention to the strategic power of emotional response to digital texts, tools, technologies and help people how to distinguish between education & indoctrination  

  • Develop competencies as a media literacy entrepreneur or discover or enlarge your identity as a leader in digital literacy.

  • Learn about research that supports your strategic planning process and meet with others facing similar challenges to brainstorm creative approaches to find funding for digital and media literacy initiatives. 

We'll be BOTH in person in Chicago and online! 
Choose How to Learn with Us This Summer

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We are transforming professional learning 

with the power of leadership, innovation,

& community connection 

What You Need To Know 

A Hands-On, Minds-On Experience

Like No Other!

Location: In Person or Online. You Choose! The Summer Institute in Digital Literacy will be offered on the downtown Chicago campus of National Louis University, and it will also be offered as a fully online program, so you can participate from the comforts of home. Pick the format that's best for you!


  • Online Course cost. $500 for the fully-online program.

  • Chicago Course cost. $900 for the Chicago-based program. 


Grad Credit Option, Online. Take the fully-online program and receive 3 graduate credits for $900 by completing 42 hours of instruction during the week of July 10 - 15. Complete 2 additional activities after the program is over. These activities require additional reading and writing, and this work is submitted toward the end of July. Your work is graded and you receive a grade and an official transcript from the University of Rhode Island indicating you completed the graduate course. 

Grad Credit Option, Chicago. Take the program in Chicago and receive 3 graduate credits for $1,300 by completing 42 hours of instruction during the week of July 10 - 15. Complete 2 additional activities after the program is over. This program includes refreshments and lunch each day. 

Graduate Certificate Option. After attending the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy, many people develop an appetite for learning more. That's why we offer the Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy, which is a 12-credit certificate program that can be taken over the course of 12 months.  


If you have participated in the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy in any of the past 9 years, come back for the Tier 2 Leadership Program online or in Chicago. 


If you have completed Tier 2 or served as a Faculty Member or Workshop Presenter at the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy, join us this summer online or in person in Chicago for fellowship, networking, and learning. 

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The premiere professsional development program in digital & media literacy, now celebrating its 10th anniversary

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Inspiring keynotes, hands-on creative & collaborative workshops, plus time for rich community conversations

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