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Discover the Power of Two


In Design Studio, you work with a partner to create digital texts and use digital technologies that advance your expertise or curate relevant resources that relate to your interests and professional needs. 

How does it work? You will meet many people at the Summer Institute who share your interests and goals, and you'll form a partnership. (The Summer Institute "yentas" can help you find the perfect partner.) As you get to know each other, you'll begin to brainstorm ideas about what you can create together. Your work will be fueled by what you learn in Keynotes, Digging Deeper, and Workshops, and by your discussions in Conversational Sparks. Each day, your work is supported by two faculty members who help you accomplish your goals.  

What is the result of this effort? On Friday, you and your partner share your completed work in Design Studio Showcase to all the participants at the Summer Institute and you explore the creative work that others have developed. 

Many participants create meaningful curriculum resources that they put into practice immediately in the fall. Others develop professional development programs or multimedia projects. The experience of collaboration builds confidence and these partnerships have had amazing results. 

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How Do Design Studio Partners Collaborate?


Option 1: Partners collaboratively brainstorm ideas to create and publish a collaborative work 


Option 2: Partners jointly follow a similar format and structure but use different content from their own work context


Option 3: Partners develop independent work and serve as thought partners to each other