This Program 



The Summer Institute in Digital Literacy is a multidisciplinary learning community, and the diversity of participants is a key feature of the program. Wherever you are in your life and learning journey, you will find people who share your interests and passions. In 2020, more than 150 participants came from 30 U.S. states and 8 countries. 


We say, "Everyone learns from everyone" because it's true!

Q: I'm a college professor. Did this program meet my needs? 

Yes! We model practices of teaching and learning that are appropriate for higher education contexts.  Plus, you got to interact with some of the world's leading researchers on the topic of digital literacy in education who shared research evidence and best practices for F2F and online learning. 

Q: I'm not very tech savvy. Do I have the skills needed to be successful? 

Yes! Participants come with a wide range of technology competencies. 

Everyone experiences success in our program.

We use an elbow-to-elbow approach to learning which means you'll get just-in-time help that enables you to be successful. We guarantee you will buld your confidence in digital literacy and online learning.  

Q: Was I able to develop a project relevant to my work? 

Yes! In Design Studio, you worked on a project that's relevant to your work or career, working collaboratively with a partner who shared your interests or whose own work is similar in some way. 

Q: I'm an introvert. Was I able to find someone to collaborate with? 

Yes!  People come to the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy from all across the country and ll around the world. We use a variety of fun techniques to make sure you interact with at least 22 people as you find someone whose interests align with yours.   

Q: I'm a classroom teacher. Did this program meet my needs? 

Yes! Teachers working across the PK-12 spectrum in all subject areas find the Summer Institute to be a transformative learning experience. Faculty members include experts in reading, special eduction, curriculum and instructional, leadership, and technology integration 

Q: I'm not an educator. Did this program meet my needs? 

Yes! Public librarians, media professionals, community leaders, activists, and engaged citizens have used the Summer Institute as as way to develop their own digital literacy competencies to meet personal and professional goals.   

Q: Was there be time for discussion of important big-picture issues related to education, media and society? 

Yes! Discussion is a key instructional practice for online learning. We develop these conversations using a variety of syncrhonous and asynchronous communication methods. 

Q: I'm trying to sell a new digital technology, resource or platform. Can I exhibit or present? 

NO! The Summer Institute in Digital Literacy does not feature vendors selling educational technology products or services.