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July 10 - 15, 2022

ABOUT THE PROGRAM. This summer, the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy will be held online in a unique professional learning format that offers you a flexible schedule so that you can participate from anywhere in the world while balancing work, home, and family. It is a week-long interdisciplinary gathering that includes K-12 educators and school leaders; higher education faculty and researchers; school, public and academic librarians; media literacy educators working in non-school contexts; and creative media professionals. We will be making the most of the online format, taking full advantage of the many affordances digital technology offers us. 

PROGRAM FEE:  Regular enrollment, $500. This fee includes all program materials, including permanent online access to the digital resources of all workshops. You can also choose to receive three graduate credits from the University of Rhode Island. These can be used to fulfill requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy or for any graduate program. Graduate enrollment total cost: $900.

DATES: The program begins on Sunday, July 10th at 1 PM CST and concludes on Friday, July 15, 4 PM CST. The schedule shown below is a draft schedule. This schedule gives you a good idea of the diverse components of the 6-day program.  You are free to choose the program elements that are most meaningful to you. We offer a certificate of completion to all who participate in program. Additional work is required for those who complete the program for graduate credit. 

FORMAT: This program uses a mix of real-time (synchronous) and anytime (asynchronous) learning  experiences, with a flexible schedule. You choose the elements that interest you. You will have permanent access to all the digital resources and rich content of the Summer Institute's keynote addresses with "Digging Deeper" hands-on, minds-on learning. You'll choose to participate in Workshops and Conversation Sparks and work with a partner on an inquiry project that involves creating media using "the power of two."   

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: We are aware that people have competing responsibilities (including work and child care) so most aspects of the program can be completed asynchronously. The online program includes events via Zoom as shown in the online schedule, shown below. During the week, you can participate in up 7 workshops. But there are 30 workshops offered -- so the others are available to you asynchronously, in the evening or after the institute is completed. 

RELATIONSHIPS MATTER: Some elements are best experienced as synchronous events: Conversational Sparks and Power of Two Design Studio. In these sessions, you make new friends and build important professional relationships. Everyone learns from everyone! 

LOCATION: The online can be experienced from the comfort of home. The program uses Zoom and the Media Education Lab's Pathwright Learning Management System. You'll have a chance to get acquainted with the online participants in an optional pre-event program to familiarize yourself with the platforms and apps we will be using.  

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